How This Pepsi Ad Exposed Everything Wrong With The Democratic Narrative

It’s no secret that 9/10 major brands and celebrities publicly supported Hilary Clinton and the democratic party. It’s also no secret that just about every brand and celebrity that publicly endorses President Trump (or says anything remotely neutral about him) is risking their public reputation and likely committing financial suicide.

If you disagree with me on this matter, you simply have been living under a rock. Look what happened to Uber when Travis Kalanick sat on the Trump’s economic board for approximately one week.

This liberal bullying has created a Democratic party that is so insincere, it is difficult to understand the nature of people’s true beliefs anymore.

Do people honestly believe that every celebrity and every brand really hates President Donald Trump as much as the liberals marching in the streets on Sunday morning? Apparently so.

Pepsi, in an effort to create their own share of voice in this bogus narrative, launched an advertisement that essentially claims a can of Pepsi is the answer to world peace. Getting beat up by a cop? Just hand him a Pepsi. Workplace inequality? Give your boss a Pepsi. Makes sense, right?

MAYBE if they starred a political activist like Martin Luther King Jr., the backlash would not have been such a guarantee. But Pepsi went all out, starring Kendall Jenner as the savior of social injustice in America.

Does anyone even know what Kendall Jenner’s political views are? Even if she publicized them, should people believe her? Could you imagine what would happen to her brand if she publicly supported President Donald Trump? It would be financial suicide.