Black Trump Supporter Responds To Trump Shoving NATO Leader “Barack Obama…

Henry Davis became a well-known, black Trump supporter for his contagious laugh and controversial opinions that he posts on Facebook. In all honesty, his opinions would not be controversial at all if it were not for the color of his skin, considering the majority of African Americans are liberal democrats and loyal Hillary supporters.

Even if they aren’t, most of them do not have the guts to speak out about their Republican point of view out of fear that they will probably lose all of their friends and be outcasted. Who’s the fascist bully now, huh?

Well, Henry Davis is at it again with his own response to the video of President Trump shoving NATO leader Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro. This video received a ton of negative media after Trump gave a speech calling each one of them out, essentially telling them all to “pay their fair share” and pay what they owe. Depending on which news source you listen to, they may have even left this part of the story out all together to make it look like President Trump simply shoved Markovic for no reason.

Here’s the video in case you need a quick refresher:

About a week later, in comes Henry Davis, cooking fried chicken in his kitchen and pretty much fitting the stereotype of yet another Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama supporter. NOPE. Henry Davis not only gets a kick out of President Trump’s move against NATO, he explains what probably is a very accurate depiction of what happened and why it happened. Then, he goes one step further and laughs out loud talking about how Barack Obama would have never done anything like that. Watch the full video below and enjoy.