Former Jihadist Punches CNN Host Right in The Mouth When He Says This About President Trump

CNN Host Comes At Trump For Remarks Following Manchester Attack

Mubin Shaikh, a former Islamic extremist jihadist who now works for the United States Counterterrorism unit, spoke with CNN host Brooke Baldwin earlier this week. Baldwin commented on President Trump’s remarks following the devastating concert attack in Manchester this week. She almost seemed to be starting trouble, hoping the former jihadist would agree that calling terrorists “evil losers” would only further enrage them.

To her surprise, Mubih Shaikh said that President Trump is doing exactly what a leader should be doing. He is degrading the very existence of terrorist to discourage people from future attacks and also to discourage weak people from joining these terrorist organizations that make these weak people feel like they are God on earth.

credit: Tactical Decision Maker’s Research Group

Watch the full video below to see Mubih Shaikh’s reaction to President Trump AND Brooke Baldwin’s disappointment as she ends the interview quickly. If she received the response she was hoping for, surely this interview would have gone on longer.