Heineken Puts Memorial Day Message on Back of Bottle, Trump Supporters EXPLODE on Twitter

Multi-national beverage companies have not been on the right side of advertising lately. After Pepsi’s failed Kylie Jenner commercial, Heineken is following suit with a terrible, “open borders” messaging campaign on the back of their bottle.

You don’t necessarily need to be conservative to know that “open borders” is just not a good idea. Look what happened last week in Manchester when ISIS bombed a concert filled with teenagers and children.

Not even a week after President Trump’s travel ban was denied yet again, Heineken is passing around bottles that promote anti-Trump rhetoric and overall anti-border protection during a time when we need it most. And I don’t just mean WE as Americans I mean we as a human species. ISIS is essentially out to kill everyone who does not accept Allah as their savior, executing Christians anywhere they can find them.

screenshot from Luke Rudkowski Twitter

Of course, it is in the best interest of multi-national companies for their to be no trade laws and no immigration laws.

Screenshot from @SandraTXAS on Twitter

We couldn’t agree more. You really cannot enjoy a single food, beverage or TV show these days without being slammed with political (usually anti-Trump) rhetoric.

Screenshot from Irma Hinojosa on Twitter

This one American just returned from a vigil honoring people killed by illegal aliens, only to find this “open-border” campaign messaging on the back of her Heineken bottle. Can you imagine how disgusted you would have felt? I don’t think Heineken thought that scenario through. Can someone please reach out to their quality control team?

Here’s the full commercial they launched last month for their “Open Your World” campaign: