ANTIFA Website Just Posted Violent Threat Against Republicans

The ANTIFA website, It’s Going Down, has become the go-to source for violent extremists to promote anti-Trump rhetoric, calling for violence against Trump supporters and anyone it considers to be “fascist”. Lately, however, the site has gone far overboard, encouraging anti-fascists to unite violently against Trump supporters during street battles.

The term “antifascist” was first used by Benito Mussolini during the early 1920s to describe his opposition during his rule of Italy’s fascist regime. A large number of the antifascist opposition were hardworking citizens and many of them members of the labor movement.

Screenshot from ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon

ANTIFA, shortened from antifascist in modern language, spread through Europe and became extremely relevant once again during the Nazi Germany regime. The East German Socialist Unity Party used the term Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart as the official name for the Berlin Wall.

After Germany unified in the 1990s, the ANTIFA community persisted against far-right extremists, which is likely how the modern American ANTIFA group justifies their violent riots and protests today.

Earlier this week, the anarchists posted a picture earlier today that compares Trump supporters to Nazi Germany. Their post featured a poster that called for Trump supporters to be stabbed. The poster reads, “We beat ’em before…we’ll beat ’em again,” with a silhouette of a Nazi German soldier behind a Trump supporter wearing Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat.

The overall theme of It’s Going Down is that minorities and liberals are under attack by Trump supporters and the only way to fight back is with violence. The ANTIFA group should be without a doubt considered a terrorist organization and this website should be taken down.

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