Mainstream Media Leaves Out One Key Detail About Nabra Hassanen’s Suspected Killer

Thousands attended the funeral in Virginia earlier today for Nabra Hassanen, the seventeen year old girl who was murdered last week. Nabra Hassanen was walking back to her mosque in North Virginia when she was brutally beaten with a bat.

According to police, twenty-two year old Darwin Torres is currently in custody for the murder of Nabra Hassanen. While the mainstream media is portraying this murder solely as a hate crime, they are leaving out one massive detail about Darwin Torres.

Nabra Hassanen, 17-Year Old murdered last week from Virginia

Police said Hassanen was returning to ADAMS mosque with approximately fifteen other teenagers Sunday before she was murdered. The group was reportedly taking a break from Ramadan prayers when a boy drove up to the group and began arguing with one of the male muslim teenagers. The driver chased down the group and managed to catch up to Nabra Hassanen. He then proceeded to brutally beat her with his bat. Twenty-two year old Darwin Torres is the only suspect who has been arrested so far for the murder.

Darwin Toress, 22-Year Old suspected in murder of Nabra Hassanen

People like Amy Siskind, contributor for the Huffington Post, immediately turned the blame on the President Trump and his supporters. Without any evidence whatsoever, she found it necessary to start tweeting about hate crimes and racially / religiously motivated kidnapping.

screenshot from Amy Siskind tweet Credit: Twitter

She deleted the above tweet shortly after once she realized how uninformed she sounded. First of all, Darwin Torres is clearly not a white man. Second of all, what does President Trump have anything to do with this? In fact, Trump is one of the biggest opponents against the one key detail everyone is leaving out of this story. Twenty-two year old Darwin Torres is an illegal immigrant!

That’s right. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a detainer on Darwin Torres who has been illegally living in the United States of America, originally from El Salvador.

Amy Siskind proceeded to block Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter after he called her out for her false accusations and overall inaccurate allegations.

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