Sit Down Hillary Clinton, Here’s What ‘Covfefe’ Really Means

Hillary Clinton has been having fun on Twitter entertaining her loyal followers with what she thinks is a typo by President Trump. Was this really a typo? Or did this code word have a secret meaning behind it?

screenshot from Hillary Clinton Twitter
Given the fact that President Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia. It is possible he drew inspiration from some of his conversations there.

We know Egyptian leader, Sisi is particularly fond of President Trump. It is possible the two shared their opinions about the biased liberal media and Trump felt like taking a snarky, shot at the media in more of a secret tone.

Sean Spicer mentioned during a press conference yesterday that a “small group” understood the tweet loud and clear. What was he referring to?

With some help from Google Translate, we might have the answer for you…

According to Google Translate, cov fe’fe means “I will stand up” in Arabic. Don’t believe us? Just click the Google Translate link for yourself and see.

The proper translation to his tweet if this was his intention is, “Despite the negative press, I will stand up.”

Do you think this is what Trump meant? If so, how does this make you feel?