VIDEO: Retired Cop Notices Baby Melting Inside Car, What He Pulled Out Of His Car Might Have Saved The Baby’s Life

Retired New Jersey Police Sergeant, Steve Eckel was walking toward Kohl’s department store in Howell, New Jersey, when all of a sudden he heard screams from inside a nearby car. Steve could not believe his eyes when he saw a 4-month old baby sitting inside of the vehicle, alone with the windows rolled all the way up. What he did next was nothing short of incredible.

Steve Eckel holding baby’s onesie // Credit: CBS

“It was well over 120 degrees in that car,” Steve told reporters after the incident. “Just think of what could have happened,” Steve continued as he held onto the onesie the baby was wearing.

Steve Eckel // Credit: CBS

The retired Sergeat for the Middlesex County Sherriff’s department said the baby was sweating and screaming so hard you could see her eyes rolling back in her head. The baby was beat read and soaking with sweat.

“I do believe in guardian angels and I think that I am the one for this child,” Steve told reporters. According to Steve, it was his instincts, not as a police officer, but as a father that kicked in and took over.

Steve Eckel Credit: Twitter

Without hesitation, Steve immediately headed for trunk of his Ford truck. Steve remembered that he had a sledgehammer in the back and knew he needed to act fast in order to save the baby.

When the mother came outside from the store after over forty minutes in the store. Thirty-three year old Karen Bruin came running out from the store to find her window bashed in and the child missing from the carseat.

“Several mothers kept trying to take her from me, but I told them, I’ve got six kids, five daughters. I know what I’m doing,” Steve said. “I raised my son by myself until he was 5. People don’t realize there are dads who do this stuff all the time.”

He finally turned the baby over to her thirteen year old sister. The mother is being charged with endangering a child and is set to appear in court . Watch Steve’s full interview below.

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