Do You Know Someone Who Has One Of These? Listen To This Boy’s Tragic Story



According to Asia One, one father his his son Ian learned the hard way that YouTube videos demonstrating fun ways to play with popular fidget spinners can be extremely dangerous.

The fidget spinner, for those of you who do not know, is described as “a toy that is marketed as relieving stress. It consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic.

Standard Fidget Spinner Red

The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress.

Experts are divided, with some supporting this claim and others disputing its scientific basis, arguing that the toy may be distracting” according to Wikipedia.

Assorted Fidget Spinners

The toy stormed onto the scene during the Winter of 2017 and has quickly been adopted by 9/10 American households as a fun, time killing activity for all.

However, recently YouTube video creators have performed a few clever yet dangerous ways to get the most out of your fidget spinner.

Since these ball and bearing device operate much like a military jet engines, they can pick up some serious speed, momentum and overall force. If and when they break, the results can be similar to a speeding bullet flying at you if you are in the way.

Military Jet Engine

Popular videos show people removing the plastic cover from the center of the fidget spinner, exposing the center of the ball-bearing device.

Screenshot from YouTube Video

Then, the people wedge a screw driver in a vice and place the fidget spinner onto the screw driver using the hole exposed at the center of the ball-bearing.

Watch below to see the full demonstration.


While this one does not show the potentially dangerous result of the experiment, the video below does.

Posted by Scott Middleton on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Here’s what happened to the fidget spinner after the explosion:


John Harris of Flowood, Mississippi decided to replicate this experiment using an air compressor and a fidget spinner. You can see in the post below that John and his son Ian conducted a slightly different experiment, holding the fidget spinner rather than placing it in the vice as seen above in the videos. However, the results proved that the fidget spinner and the air compressor are still a very dangerous combination.

I know this post isn't gonna be easy for some to look at, but I felt it necessary. This was caused from playing with a…

Posted by John Harris on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Considering the impact of this event, Ian was lucky that he only received 30 stitches – 27 on the outside and 3 on the inside. He could have very easily lost an eye or even his life had the fidget spinner punctured his body like it did to the wall in the video above.

Although it must have been hard for John to share his story, we are thankful that he did. While he may receive backlash for his actions, he ultimately may help prevent this from happening to another family that thinks about conducting the fidget spinner / air compressor experiment.