Open Letter: Dear Citizen, Donald Trump Jr. Has The Right To ‘Love’ Hidden Truths About Clinton



Dear Citizen,

Let’s start off by setting the record straight. Political campaigning is extremely competitive and there is no doubt that both the Clinton and Trump campaign teams did everything they could to show the “real” version of their opponent.

Image: file photo via CBS News

If you don’t think Hillary Clinton’s campaign team had something to do with the Access Hollywood tape release, you are sorely mistaken. Further, if you don’t think Hillary Clinton cheated during the Presidential Debates by receiving questions beforehand from Donna Brazile, you should read this again.


To be honest, I’m glad the Access Hollywood tapes were released because it shows that even while giving their best effort, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team could not manage to dig up dirt half as bad as the information going around about Clinton.

Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks appears before the House oversight committee on Sept. 13, 2016 regarding deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s server. MOLLY RILEY/AP

They say two wrongs don’t make a right. But why should Hillary Clinton get off easy just because the mainstream media has an agenda? Why should Hillary Clinton sit on the most powerful throne in the world just because she was a career politician? Because Donald Trump made a few comments about women that you disagree with?

Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton is still married to Bill Clinton, who not only publicly admitted to committing adultery but has been accused of rape multiple times.


Juanita Broaddrick (right) says she met Bill Clinton (center left), then-attorney general of Arkansas, in 1978 at the nursing home where she worked in Van Buren, Ark. Years later Broaddrick accused Clinton of rape. Credit: Getty Images

As far as Donald Trump Jr.’s emails in regards to Russia uncovering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, the American people should be thanking Russia, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and anyone else responsible for uncovering hidden truths about Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. with father, President Donald Trump

So, don’t be so quick to accuse the conservative media of “deflecting” the conversation. Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the mainstream media has done plenty of deflecting. Take a look at all of the facts that incriminate Hillary Clinton and ask yourself why we are so distracted by who dug up the “dirt” on Clinton and not the dirt itself.


James O’Brien

Husband, Father, Citizen, Contributor @