Everything You Think You Know About Spicer & Scaramucci is Wrong

Spicer resigned immediately after Anthony Scaramucci was hired. Why?



Let’s set the record straight. The Trump Administration is not falling apart. President Trump is simply repositioning the people on his team and adding support where it is needed in order to put the Trump administration in the best position to serve America.

If you watched the press conference Friday (full video below), it was evident immediately by the way he demanded respect from the press that Anthony Scaramucci is going to be a huge asset to the communications team. So why did Sean Spicer resign?

While the liberal media will try to say that Sean Spicer just flat out didn’t like Scaramucci or he didn’t feel he had enough experience to do the job, this is not the case.

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Why would Sean Spicer care about Anthony Scaramucci’s lack of experience? It would go against everything the Trump Team has stood for since they announced their campaign 2.5 years ago when an entrepreneur with no political experience began on his path to becoming President Donald J. Trump. So why did he resign?

It was simply time to change the face of the Trump communications team.

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In comes Anthony Scaramucci, self-made billionaire who founded and sold his stake in Skybridge Capital, a global investment firm with $11 billion assets under management. You don’t have that much success, that early in your career without impeccable leadership qualities and excellent relationships. And at the end of the day, dealing with the press is nothing more than demanding respect and building good relationships with the media.

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During the press conference on Friday, Scarmucci answered questions the straightforward questions with conviction and politely tip-toed around the ambiguous ones. As good as he was, this is something I believe Sean Spicer was not the best at. When he was asked a question he did not want to answer, Spicer often quickly became flustered. The media has smelt blood in the water since his first press conference.


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With all the focus on Scaramucci, it was easy to slide in Sean Spicer’s replacement – a young, talented female as White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee.

Sarah is calm, cool and collected, showing little emotion when she answers questions. With the focus off Sean Spicer, the White House communications team can now reestablish footing with the media and turn the narrative at least to neutral ground.

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Rest assure, if the press tries to abuse Huckabee like they did Spicer, Scaramucci will not lead from the back. Mark my words, he will step in on a press conference when needed if not more frequently to demand respect.

If you missed Anthony Scaramucci’s press conference today, watch it below. Even if you didn’t miss it, watch it again and tell me we didn’t just upgrade the White House Communications Team.

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