WATCH: Peyton Manning Slams Rude Jimmy Kimmel Like True Patriot



The retired, future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You may remember Jimmy Kimmel’s speech several months ago regarding his son’s open heart surgery and what it may have cost him in the absence of Obamacare. Not to mention, you know the majority of people watching the Kimmel show is a Trump-hating lunatic otherwise Kimmel would keep his political views to himself.

Nevertheless, it was no surprise when Petyon Manning had to defend his decision to play golf with President Trump. Manning stated that it would have been “almost un-American” to turn down the President. To think that anyone, let alone Peyton Manning, one of the most respected NFL players of all-time, has to defend their decision to accept an invitation from the White House is downright sad.

“You played gold with…when did you play golf with President Trump. How does that happen,” Kimmel said rudely. You could tell right away that Manning was a bit uncomfortable. What he probably really wanted to say was, “Jimmy, shut up before…”

Quick note to all you clowns in the comments section, don’t sit there and tell me that Jimmy Kimmel’s tone is not condescending and rude as he is directing questions to Peyton Manning about golfing with our President, Donald Trump. “YOU, went GOLFING with Donald Trump?”. It’s debasing America and it’s condescending to a man with far more class, talent and respect for his country than this puppet, Jimmy Kimmel.

And yes. I do think Peyton Manning responded in a way that although classy and nice, carried a bit of steam behind the well-deserved, verbal punch he throws at Jimmy Kimmel for the insulting tone directed at Peyton Manning in his questions. If you don’t like the headline, unfollow the page. This is a newsworthy video that more people need to see and it is my responsibility as a journalist to do what I have to do to ensure people see newsworthy information.

Carry on with the article…

“I gotta tell you Jimmy I had a lot of people tell me not to do it,” Manning said defending himself, saying, “ but I heard Arnold Palmer say one time if the President of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it, it’s a no-brainer.”



For those of you who aren’t football fans, Peyton Manning was one of the most stand-up, well-spoken professional athletes this great nation has ever seen. Aside from one incident in college, he more or less stayed completely out of the spotlight throughout his long and wildly successful football career. Not to mention, he is no doubt a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback, shining like a diamond during an era where the throne was shared with names like Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

“We had 30 golf carts behind us. Felt safe, but he was a great host. He loves sports. And we passed through a number of groups. He was very gracious. He took a picture with groups that we passed through.” Manning told Kimmel.

Of course, Kimmel was fishing for opportunities to bash Trump and even baited Manning a few times. But the 2X Super Bowl champion has too much class for Kimmel. Kimmel even asked Manning if Trump cheated. However, Manning said he counted President Trump’s strokes and would have happily called him out of he was cheating.

Jimmy Kimmel’s consistency in trying to bait Peyton Manning into insulting the President while a guest on his Late Night Show shows how badly the mainstream media is suffering to give people more drama about President Trump – even though there is none. Watching Jimmy Kimmel is almost as bad as watching Jon Bonifield admit CNN is promoting Russia for higher ratings.

But, when Peyton Manning gets on stage you had better show some respect because that 6’5 230 pound quarterback doesn’t answer to anyone. And if he wants to golf with the President of the United States, he’ll be damned of any American, let alone some chump who dances on stage at midnight is going to tell him otherwise.

As a result, we have to sit here and watch respected men and women get harassed for simply not hating the President of the United States. Thank god for celebrities like Peyton Manning who have the guts to get up there and tell people like Jimmy Kimmel that the President Trump is a good man.