SHOCKING VIDEO: We Went Undercover To Muslim High School. It’s Even Worse Than We Thought…WATCH + SHARE!

After receiving reports about extreme intolerance at local schools, a concerned activist group decided to go inside the a local high school undercover, dressed as a local volunteer to help the school. He disguised himself as a Muslim man to blend in. What he discovered about what the school is teaching their impressionable young adults is both inhumane and downright poisonous to the rest of the world.

“A school in the United Kingdom called “Darul Uloom Islamic High School” is pumping their “students” full of vile, evil, despicable ideas and indoctrinating them with bigoted views against other religions and nonbelievers, as well as other Muslims,” Gateway Pundit wrote. Their description is spot on, and we are about to show you exactly why in the video below.


The school administration was smart enough to not allow the man into the classes that they knew were teaching questionable Islamic material to the young adults. So the undercover Muslim volunteer decided to leave a hidden camera inside the room to record the class. What they found at first did not shock them. But shortly after opening prayers, class began. And some of the practices used by teachers to scold children as young as 11 years old were absolutely appalling.


“At first our camera records exams and prayers. Then the pupils are arranged into rows for a school assembly. The speaker addresses all the pupils age 11 years and older. He starts by talking about people who worship ridiculous things…This is how he describes Hindu religious practices (hear full speech below),” the reporter describes in the video below.

She continues…

“He says it’s not the first time he has given this speech. In 2009 government approved inspectors praised the school for its interfaith teachings. They said, ‘Pupils learn about thebeliefs and practices about other beliefs and are taught to show respect to other world religions.’ It seems the inspectors were not aware of teachings like this…”.

What she speaks about next will absolutely infuriate you…



“If we choose to worship such ridiculous things, a cow? Now, how can anyone worship a cow? First thing he does is he rides on a cow, he sits on a cow. He sits on his god and at times he needs to clean for his god. At times the god steps over him. At times his god goes to sleep. At times he eats while he pees. Yeah, apparently. And funny enough they drink the piss of a cow. The Hindus do . . . They drink the piss of . . . but I told you this before . . .”

What follows is absolutely disturbing. Teachers beating students while they read the Quran. Teachers filling students minds with the notion that anyone who is not Muslim is “should be treated as a serpent.”

When the students returned from holiday. They were lined up and their haircuts were inspected. Students were pulled out of line if their hair look “non-Muslim” and that looking non-Muslim was as bad as being “Kafar”, also known as “infidel”.

Students are repeatedly talked down to, like a nazi bootcamp. No wonder why these people are so hateful. We are trying to reason with crazy and you can’t reason with crazy! We need to stop being politically correct and take this situation at face value. Call it like it is people.

When a sociologist is asked if these should be considered hate teachings, he responds “Without a shadow of doubt.” Teaching students to be intolerant of any belief or religion is very, very dangerous.