Here’s The List Of American Universities Endorsing ANTIFA

Campus Reform released some disturbing news earlier this week. According to their report, the Campus Anti-fascist Network (CAN) claims that it has been endorsed by at least five university departments and dozens of other organizations nationwide.

One of those endorsers, the University of Hawaii’s Department of English, was quietly removed from the list after Campus Reform contacted every faculty member in the department.

Screenshot from ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon

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Trinity University has denied that any of its departments have endorsed CAN, and told Campus Reform that it has contacted CAN to ask that its name be removed from the list of endorsers.



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According to the official list of CAN endorsements printed on their website, “the sociology departments at Trinity University and the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the History Department of Occidental College, the Department of English at the University of Hawaii, and the Department of Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University have all declared their support for the ANTIFA network,” Campus Reform reports.