WATCH: Matt Lauer’s BRUTAL Attack at Bill O’Reilly Comes Back To Haunt Him

It seems like just yesterday I was watching Matt Lauer drill Bill O’Reilly before the dust even had a chance to settle on O’Reilly’s firing at FOX News. “Over the past six months since your firing, have you done some soul searching? Have you taken some time to think about what you have done to these women?”

Conservative Media writes:



Remember when NBC’s Matt Lauer condemned President Trump on making “locker room talk” back when he was running a presidential campaign? As it turns out, Lauer was not only entangled in a sexual harassment case himself, but he was fired as a result of it as well.

Lauer even had the nerve to go against former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who reportedly paid more than $13 million to strike a settlement with his accusers.

We have the moment captured on video as well: