WATCH: Phone Interview With Obama’s Grandmother EXPOSES HORRIFYING TRUTH

It seems like no matter how many conspiracy theories pop up about Barrack Obama and no matter how compelling the data and evidence is, liberals just won’t even pay them any mind. Dozens of theories regarding his origins, his past, and his religion have popped up through the years and yet none of them seem to stick. Well this one might actually have a chance. So let’s take a look at one of the latest Barack Obama conspiracy theories.

In part, due to the fact that Barack Obama has refused to show his birth certificate, many claim that he was actually an African Muslim, educated and raised in a Islamic school in Indonesia. However, the official story remains that he was born in Hawaii to an American mother. But a new interview of Obama’s paternal grand mother might prove that this is not the truth.


Obama’s Grandmother, Sarah Obama appears to confess the truth about his childhood in the video below. The telephone call recording of Obama’s grand mother would prove that Barrack Hussein Obama has been lying about his birthplace for years. If true, these accusations could even lead to Obama’s prosecution.

The interviewer asks the old woman where Barack was born. “He was born here in this village in Kenya,” she tells him in Swahili. He then goes on to ask her how she knows this. Her answer is somewhat convincing. “I was there when he was born. What more proof do you need,” she replies.



If Barack Obama was indeed Kenyan. than he would not have been eligible to become President of the United States for one day let alone for eight years.

The video below is captioned, “This is the audio of a telephone conversation with Sarah Hussein Obama, this time, with the transcript following along with the audio- where she says she was there when Obama was born.”


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