BREAKING: Trump Tells Everyone In America To Prepare – “Bloody Nose Attack”



The New York Post reported that the U.S. is now planning to make a move toward NOrth Korea’s nuclear weapons program. The Post referred to this as a “bloody nose” attack against North Korea to knock out its nuclear weapons program.

credit: Stephen E. Morton / Associated Press

Sources say that Trump’s White House has “dramatically” ramped up its military plans amid fears that diplomacy with North Korean and Kim Jong Un is officially out of the question after the young dictator has continuously refused to throttle back his period test of nuclear weapons in an effort to reach new distances and breakthroughs in their technology.

According to Conservative Find:

“One of the options is to destroy a launch site before the rogue regime uses it for a new missile test, while another is targeting weapons stockpiles. The Trump administration is hoping that pre-emptive action would show the trigger-happy dictator that the United States is serious about stopping his bellicose pursuits and persuading him to negotiate.



‘The Pentagon is trying to find options that would allow them to punch the North Koreans in the nose, get their attention and show that we’re serious,’ a former US security official briefed on policy told reporters.

The latest reports suggest that Trump is more willing to use a military option than previously thought. Just last week, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he thought there was a 30 percent chance of Trump using a military option, but that if the hermit kingdom tested another nuclear weapon, that percentage would skyrocket to 70.

This comes after it was reported that North Korea was testing nuclear missiles that are loaded with anthrax. The tests were reportedly meant to ascertain whether the anthrax bacteria could survive the high temperatures that occur during warheads re-entry from space.”

Do you think it’s a good move or bad move to threaten North Korea’s nuclear weapons program?