REPORT: President Trump Begins DEMOLITION of Michelle Obama’s Proudest Achievement



Right media sources are trying to blame President Trump for trying to “make American food unhealthy again.” Well, if the food pictured is considered healthy, you can keep the healthy food – I would rather feed my kid just about anything else.

The truth is, President Trump is trying to get kids actually eating their food again because according to the School Nutrition Association (SNA) there are more kids throwing away their “healthy” lunches than there are kids eating them.

Would you rather have kids not eating food at all, or kids eating food like the one pictured below? It gets better…wait until you find out where that food is actually from.

Looks pretty good, right? At least for cafeteria food. Well, this food is actually from a school cafeteria in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in South America.

I know what you’re thinking, maybe the picture above is only one bad school. Here’s a list of pictures gathered from tweets with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. So, next time you want to blame President Trump for making school food unhealthy again, first you can thank him for making school food EDIBLE again. #MakeLunchEdibleAgain



This video below compares food abroad to the food being served to our American children.


Conservative Tribune reported earlier:

“Effective July 1, after a period for public comment, schools will again be allowed to serve chocolate milk to students thanks to the lifting of some restrictions.

The USDA announced that it is also easing restrictions on sodium content, and allowing milk with one percent fat to be served in schools again.

“Schools need flexibility in menu planning so they can serve nutritious and appealing meals,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue explained.

“Schools want to offer food that students actually want to eat. It doesn’t do any good to serve nutritious meals if they wind up in the trash can,” he added.

Obama’s school lunches were arguably some of the most vile, disgusting things ever known to man, and thankfully the Trump administration is working on getting rid of them.”