WATCH: ANTIFA Protesters Show Up to “March for Jesus”, Pickup Truck Takes Care of Him QUICKLY!



Christians gathered in Portland, Oregon for “A March for Jesus” and ANTIFA braved the cold weather to try to ruin their parade.

“The protester who was eventually hit by the vehicle is seen referring to a Christian flag with a cross on it as a ‘white supremacist symbol’,” The Daily Caller writes.

It appears protestors were trying to stop traffic headed toward the march when one protestor forgot to look where he was going.



A pickup truck came out of NO WHERE and someone captured it all on video.

Check out the full video below of the ANTIFA member running across the street without looking.

An antifa counter-protester was hit by a pickup truck on Saturday while interrupting the ‘March for Jesus’ which was organised by Patriot Prayer in Portland.
As Patriot Prayer held their march and prayers led by US President Donald Trump supporter Joey Gibson., a small group of antifa protesters arrived, speaking through a megaphone and extolling the virtues of communism.