WATCH: Joy Behar Gets COMPLETELY OWNED By Meghan McCain on ‘The View’

I know you are all probably sick of hearing from these ill-informed, wanna-be politicians on “The View”. But this is one exchange you just don’t want to miss. Of all the interviews we have covered on “The View” of clashing political opinions, this is by far the best and consequently the most pathetic one yet.

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“We love John McCain. We do. He sat down for an interview with Esquire and he would like Hillary Clinton to hush because he says he felt it was a mistake for her to write a book so soon after she lost and that he learned after his loss that the hardest thing to do is just shut up,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

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“With all due respect to your father and to whom I like very much, I think he’s wrong. I think a woman’s place is in the resistance. The woman won the election,” said Behar. But then she said. “But she did win and I won’t give that up.