WATCH: 11 Year Old Millie March Proves Even Kids Know More Than Liberals These Days

Jennifer Lawrence from the America First Project spoke with then-11-year-old Millie March at the Conservative Political Action Conference last February. Millie showed the whole world two things. One, you’re never too young to get involved in politics and two, it IS possible for an eleven year old to know more about politics than 50% of the world.

March said she was drawn to Trump right away when he offered real solutions to some of the problems our country was facing. According to March, politicians are quick to point out problems, but very seldom do they ever provide solutions or a pathway forward.


March also told Lawrence that one of the main reasons she supported Trump was his stance on illegal immigration and his wall along the southern border. March also said that a lot of kids at her school gave her a hard time for supporting Trump, adding that she did not let it get to her. Ironically, March’s mother supported Marco Rubio during the primaries. So if anyone is thinking that this girl is brainwashed by her parents, think again.