RECORD: Here’s How Much Money George Soros Opposing Donald Trump Last Year



If liberals are looking into universal basic income, free college and more welfare handouts, the best place they can start is the non-profit leeches that are destroying America – specifically the donors of those non profit organizations.

George Soros, is a Hungarian-American investor, philanthropist, political activist and author. Soros is widely considered one of the world’s most successful investors. As of December 2017, Soros had a net worth of $8 billion, after donating $18 billion to his philanthropic agency, Open Society Foundations.

So, he essentially donated all of his net worth to this “philanthropic agency” that creates chaos and separates the United States even further on key issues like race, religion and political affiliation.

DailyWire reported that this amount was most the foreign billionaire had ever spent in one year.

“George Soros spent a record sixteen million dollars trying to oppose President Donald Trump’s agenda during his first year in office, a report from The Washington Free Beacon found. It’s the most the foreign billionaire has ever spent trying to thwart a president’s agenda.

And that’s just one organization — Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the group Soros uses to coordinate and direct all of his other progressive efforts.

The money was not evenly distributed throughout the year. Soros spent only around $4 million bankrolling opposition to the president during the first half of the year, choosing to focus his efforts, instead, on international projects; and only $2 million over the summer — though that total is more than Soros spent in an entire year during the Obama administration.




In the last quarter of 2017, Soros “ramped up,” The Free Beacon says, spending more than $10 million, mostly on groups opposed to direct conflict with North Korea. Documents list Soros’ contributions going directly to the “Restricted First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017, the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2018, and the Preventing Preemptive War in North Korea Act of 2017.”

The organization also pushed activists to admonish the government about relief efforts in Puerto Rico, to advocate against any tax reforms that included tax cuts, and to force action on illegal immigration. If that list sounds familiar, it’s because it’s largely the agenda of all progressive groups during the last quarter of 2017.

Notably, Soros does not appear to have pushed impeachment. He left that to billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer.

Open Society is only one of several organizations directly tied to Soros. More visible organizations include Demos,, and Indivisible, which formed in the days following the 2016 presidential election with a board of directors pulled almost exclusively from the Open Society Foundation.”

Do you think George Soros should be stopped? Malicious investing should be illegal, especially at this scale. It’s one of the biggest threats to national security, if you ask me. If you agree, go sign this petition.