WATCH: The ANTIFA vs. PATRIOT Knockout Highlight Reel 2017



The violent, Soros-funded and self-proclaimed anti-fascist group known as ANTIFA has been causing mayhem in the streets of major American cities since the day President Trump took office as President of the United States. They pride themselves on anonymity, wearing masks around the streets as they cause chaos. So let’s posterize them.

Screenshot from ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon

From Chicago to Berkley (SEE video of violent riot) , Charlottesville (see unreleased footage moments before car crash) to New York City, ANTIFA has been running around the United States with masks on for the last 8 months because they are too afraid to put their own faces on their movement…because they have no movement.

Let’s call a spade a spade, this group of degenerate rejects doesn’t even know what they’re really fighting for. ANTIFA is a bunch of brats who don’t “identify” with President Donald Trump, to speak their language. Every rich white guy who made a buck off the subprime mortgage crisis in the late 90s and early 2000s is really to-blame for the current state of “ANTIFA” in the United States of America.

ANTIFA is the same crowd of Occupy Wall Street, liberal millennials who were pissed off and fed up over the shrinking middle class and the 1% of American who, in their eyes, made their money off nothing more than access to power and information. So they erupted into rebellion and the election of yet another rich white man, President Donald Trump, only gives them further reason to rebel.

I have no problem with rebellion. But the majority of these so-called ANTIFA members don’t even know what they’re fighting for. We’re talking people who are just flat-out pissed off at the fact that they, in their eyes, drew the short straw in life at some point. But they’re not bums and they’re not criminals. Behind closed doors, they’re working class Americans who are looking for a greater purpose – a higher calling.

Listen, I’m not saying Occupy Wall Street = ANTIFA. I’m just saying that a few, violent rebels from that same group decided to put a mask on and take the fight one step further after Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton.



This group of people knows well and good that they would never in a million years get a job at a Wall Street investment bank. Yes there is a way you are supposed to look in order to work on Wall Street and no these people do not fit the mold. This has nothing to do with race or gender, but a general lack of respect for the human body and human decency.

In short, this is a group of people who gave up on their own progress so they are running around, so they decided to take it out on everyone else who is actually working weekends and trying to get ahead in life.

I can tell you one thing’s for sure, President Trump didn’t build up a billion dollar real estate empire by picketing and protesting on weekends with a mask on. So, ANTIFA should ask President Trump for some life advice. If they’re lucky, maybe he’ll have some mercy on their worthless souls.


I’ll leave you with this. If you’re going to run around with weapons and masks on, you better know how to use those weapons and you better know how to fight. Based on the compilation highlight reel below, it does not appear that ANTIFA is equipped neither fight not defend themselves. And it shows in the one-sided battles they are having with public servants as well as republicans whose marches they are interrupting. They are a blatant violation of free speech and they must be stopped NOW!



ANTIFA recently released a tweet with the picture above, encouraging ANTIFA members to light police officers on fire. This should be taken as a direct threat and yet still somehow Twitter has not even removed the tweet from the Twitter feed yet! Disgusting. Our men and women in uniform are out their risking their lives while keyboard warriors are posting threats like BLM and ANTIFA. I am sure our police officers, our men and women of the thin blue line would welcome you to try your antics in real life.