WATCH: MS-13 Member Confesses Details of BRUTAL Teen Murder. One More Reason To End DACA!



Earlier this week, one teenage MS13 member confessed, in detail, to the brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl. Venus Romero Iraheta, 18, was only 17 years old when she stoically confessed to killing Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas, WTTG reported.

“I grabbed her by the throat and I couldn’t help but hit her,” Iraheta said during the Feb. 14, 2017 interrogation.

“I asked her if at any time she had something to do with Christian,” Iraheta recounted. “She said yes. I said, ‘I’m not going to forgive you’ … I told her, ‘I warned you not to mess with me. I told you not to mess with Christian. I told you to stay away from him or you would see what would happen. You don’t play with me.’ So I hit her. I kept hitting her. Until they stopped me.”



“’You’re going to remember me until the day we see each other in hell. Don’t forget my name,'” she said. “And I told her my full name and I told her my nickname … I told her to ‘never forget who I was.’ I told her ‘someday, we were going to see each other again.’”

“I killed her,” she said unemotionally. “With a knife.”

Iraheta said she stabbed Reyes Rivas thirteen times.

“I think it was 12 here,” she said, as she motioned towards her stomach. The woman then pointed to her neck. “And the thirteenth was here,” she said. “I left the knife in her neck,” Iraheta recounted.