WATCH: Pathetic ANTIFA Can’t Even Define Fascism. HILARIOUS VIDEO!




ANTIFA is running around like they have a calculated mission, when in reality they don’t even know what their own name stands for. Campus Reform, a conservative website, went around interviewing ANTIFA members at one of their recent riots. ANTIFA’s responses to some of their questions will leave you laughing out loud!

Campus Reform reported:

Opposition to “fascism” is increasingly in-vogue on college campuses, but many students still aren’t sure exactly what it is that they’re protesting against.

In the past year, Campus Reform has reported extensively on the rise of the militant far-left protest group known as “Antifa.” Often using violence to convey their opposition to anyone they deem “fascist”, the group was recently labeled a “domestic terror” group by the Department of Defense.


Screenshot from ANTIFA riot in Portland, Oregon

Last week, a number of these “anti-fascist” activists appeared at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Palm Beach, Florida.

Protesting the speech of Fox News’ Jesse Watters, the demonstrators held signs labeling the attendees as “racists”, “Nazis,” and most noticeably, “fascists.”