62 People You Won’t Believe Are Actually Conservative



62. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has starred in some of the greatest movies of the 21st century. Whether you lean toward the right or the left, you can’t leave Denzel out of the “Great Actor of Our Time” conversation. While Denzel has certainly shied away from getting into detail, he has not shied away from the camera in regards to his anti-establishment, conservative views. Considering his African American heritage, his beliefs would most likely not work in his Hollywood favor, which is probably why we don’t hear more about his views or his beliefs.

61. Caitlyn Jenner



Caitlyn Jenner, despite her sexually liberal behavior, is surprisingly a strong fiscal republican. Jenner has been a proud conservative throughout her sports and Hollywood career. She is trying to become a voice for the LGBT community in the Republican Party. But we all know it can be difficult to convince conservatives to be more open-minded about the complexities of human sexuality. To the surprise of many, Jenner was actually a close friend of President Donald Trump before he was President of the United States.