WATCH: Bill Murray Slams Anti-American Politics Live on NBC



“It’s ‘Clash of Clans‘ everyday, first thing in the morning,” Bill Murray said live on NBC, making reference to the mobile phone game in which competing tribes fight to the death.

“My friend who’s a great comedy writer, Jim Downey, he’s accused of being a right-wing comedy writer, if there is such a thing — ‘No, no,’ he says, ‘I just think the way Democrats handle things is poor.’

“‘They pick out little pieces of a population and say they represent it — we represent the Hispanics, we represent the LGBT, or something,’” Bill Murray continued live on NBC.

“They’re not speaking to everyone at once. It’s almost demeaning to say we’re using you, because you’re a splinter group, there’s almost a resentment, to say you’re my people. We’re being separated again by a politician,” Bill Murray warned anti-Americans live on NBC.

“It’s been a very interesting year out there.



“All the movements have affected the restaurant business. People don’t want to go out in public anymore because people will say, you’re the guy who … whatever.


“If people are monstrous, you know, it comes back. Eventually, it comes around. We get justice, but we don’t get it when we want it.”