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  • Everything You Think You Know About Spicer & Scaramucci is Wrong

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Let’s set the record straight. The Trump Administration is not falling apart. President Trump is simply repositioning the people on his team and adding support where it is needed in order to put the Trump administration in the best position to serve America. If you watched the press conference Friday (full video […] More

  • Open Letter: Dear Citizen, Donald Trump Jr. Has The Right To ‘Love’ Hidden Truths About Clinton

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Dear Citizen, Let’s start off by setting the record straight. Political campaigning is extremely competitive and there is no doubt that both the Clinton and Trump campaign teams did everything they could to show the “real” version of their opponent. If you don’t think Hillary Clinton’s campaign team had something to do […] More

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  • 15 Powerful People Who Might Shake Up The 2020 Presidential Election

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Social media has forever changed how humans beings interact. As social media continues to become a bigger part of our world, the individuals and communities with the largest following and the loudest message will ultimately have the advantage when it comes to both business and politics. For that reason, we believe the […] More

  • ANTIFA Website Just Posted Violent Threat Against Republicans

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The ANTIFA website, It’s Going Down, has become the go-to source for violent extremists to promote anti-Trump rhetoric, calling for violence against Trump supporters and anyone it considers to be “fascist”. Lately, however, the site has gone far overboard, encouraging anti-fascists to unite violently against Trump supporters during street battles. The term “antifascist” […] More

  • Putin Just Told Megyn Kelly What Every Liberal Needed To Hear

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp The internet is eating the world at an unprecedented rate, surpassing cable and every other medium as the go-to source for news and entertainment. With this growth comes a massive demand for skilled engineers and coders. Thus, coders are more skilled than ever, using things like the deep web to spoof and mask […] More

  • Sit Down Hillary Clinton, Here’s What ‘Covfefe’ Really Means

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Hillary Clinton has been having fun on Twitter entertaining her loyal followers with what she thinks is a typo by President Trump. Was this really a typo? Or did this code word have a secret meaning behind it? Given the fact that President Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia. It is possible he […] More

  • Heineken Puts Memorial Day Message on Back of Bottle, Trump Supporters EXPLODE on Twitter

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Multi-national beverage companies have not been on the right side of advertising lately. After Pepsi’s failed Kylie Jenner commercial, Heineken is following suit with a terrible, “open borders” messaging campaign on the back of their bottle. You don’t necessarily need to be conservative to know that “open borders” is just not a good idea. […] More

  • Former Jihadist Punches CNN Host Right in The Mouth When He Says This About President Trump

    Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Mubin Shaikh, a former Islamic extremist jihadist who now works for the United States Counterterrorism unit, spoke with CNN host Brooke Baldwin earlier this week. Baldwin commented on President Trump’s remarks following the devastating concert attack in Manchester this week. She almost seemed to be starting trouble, hoping the former jihadist would […] More