Conservative Fan Demands Shapiro Kimmel Debate and Shapiro Responds



Ben Shapiro retweeted one fan on Tuesday who proposed the idea of a Shapiro Kimmel debate – between Ben Shapiro, Editor in Chief of DailyWire and late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, host of The Late Show with Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel has been pathetically been one of the leading liberal voices over the past year on politics and conservatives appear to have had just about enough of his fact-less debasing of President Trump.

Austin Fletcher, a conservative YouTuber and Ben Shapiro fan, wrote that the goal of the debate would be to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – an initiative that the Obamacare proponent, Jimmy Kimmel should easily be able to get behind. Shapiro quickly showed his approval by retweeting Fletcher’s tweet. However, we have yet to hear the late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel respond to Fletcher’s challenge.

The challenge from Fletcher comes from the fact that Shapiro has been extremely critic of Kimmel’s statements about healthcare and gun control over the past year. Shapiro claimed that Kimmel’s claims about both the healthcare system and gun control are extremely inaccurate and lack cold hard facts about both of the actual current policies.



Shapiro also accused Jimmy Kimmel of using the story about his daughter as a “political tool in order to push a political agenda” while talking about federal funding for health care. A Shapiro Kimmel debate would certainly prove who has the most political knowledge and who is the most accurate on the subject. While I might be slightly biased, I’ll have to side with Shapiro on this one…

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As you might have imagined, conservative fans are particularly excited about the thought of a Shapiro Kimmel debate since they are most confident in their right winged debate candidate.

There was a huge amount of support for the debate from other users, with one bringing up Kimmel’s comments calling into question the intelligence of conservatives:

There has not been any definitive word on whether or not the debate will happen. However, it will be difficult for the late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to run away from the media on this one considering how outspoken he has been politically over the past year. Even his fans can’t deny that it would be cowardly of him to run away from a Shapiro Kimmel debate.

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