WATCH: David Hogg Unreleased Footage That’s Been Removed From YouTube



As you know, David Hogg has come under a lot of scrutiny following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Just weeks after the shooting, the 17 year old already has a booking agent and has appeared on over 25 different talk shows and news segments. Now, either this is the hardest working kid in the world or he has some help. The son of a former FBI agent and CNN employee, we believe there might be more to David Hogg than meets the eye and if you’re reading this, you probably do too. See the video below that led us to believe there is something REALLY fishy going on here.

YouTube removed Alex Jones’s video of him calling out the shady facts about David Hogg including the fact that he appeared in a video on Redondo Beach in California in 2015 which means Hogg was either coincidentally on vacation at the time OR he is not really from Florida and he’s lying.

What we know so far about David Hogg…

He started a YouTube channel in 2016 where he recorded and posted a video of him and his friend being bullied by a lifeguard at Redondo Beach after his friend place a boogie board on top of a garbage can. The lifeguard did not seem to be too happy with the boogie board being placed on top of the garbage can. In all honesty, it did seem that Hogg and his friend were in the right and the lifeguard was just being a d*ck.

While the majority of few videos do appear to be located in California, Hogg claims he was only vacationing there for a a week or two. I don’t have a problem with this. Take it how you want it but we don’t have any proof that Hogg lived in California or attended a school in California at this moment.

The picture going around with the yearbook was posted from a fake account and is actually a yearbook photo from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as per the YouTube video below, which has since been taken out of context by internet trolls.

Here’s the fake Facebook post featuring the same image, out of context…

Laguna Beach ANTIFA appears to be a fake account started by internet trolls to get people to believe they have proof that David Hogg did not go to school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. However, you can see from the screenshot below that the picture is nothing more than a screenshot from the YouTube video I just referenced. But this doesn’t mean I believe David Hogg.

However, he can’t seem to remember where he was during the shooting…

Here’s where it REALLY gets weird (videos below). Anti-gun activist David Hogg made contradictory statements about where he was when the Parkland shooting took place, based on several video interviews. For example, in this interview, Hogg describes being in an “AP environmental science” class when he heard gunshots, which he claims prompted his teacher to shut the door.

“So yesterday I was in my AP environmental science class, we had taken out all of our notes and we’re about to pack up to leave school and we hear a ‘pop’ and it happened to be a gunshot that echoed through the hallway,” Hogg told MSNBC last month. “And because of that, my teacher actually went and closed the door but as soon as she closed the door the fire alarm was pulled so this sick man could get more soft targets.”



But in another interview with CBS News, Hogg says he was at home during the shooting, and had to ride his bike several miles to get to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to “get as much video as he could” of the event.

The truth shall set you free…

Now that we’ve cut through the b*******, we can get to the point. The video below clearly shows David Hogg rehearsing his lines, taking multiple cuts of the video posted by the mainstream media prior to the release of the video. By definition, a crisis actor can still be someone who witnessed the tragedy or was part of the tragedy.

By definition a crisis actor is Crisis Actor is a trained actor, role player, volunteer, or other person engaged to portray a disaster victim during emergency drills to train first responders such as police, firefighters or EMT personnel.

Crisis actors are used to create high-fidelity simulations of disasters in order to allow first responders to practice their skills and help state and local emergency services to prepare and train in realistic scenarios as part of full-scale disaster exercises.

We know from previous stories that CNN has used Crisis Actors before. Well, the video below shows that David Hogg is clearly rehearsing his lines prior to releasing the final cut of the video. Does this seem like normal behavior for someone who just experienced a school shooting? I know that if it was me, I wouldn’t give a sh*t what the video looked like or what I looked like on the video. I would barely be able to get words out of my mouth, let alone shoot the video 2-3-4-5 times before finalizing it.

WATCH the video below that is also being removed on Facebook, YouTube and Google. Please SHARE this post on Facebook after you watch it so that others can see this evidence as well before they have this video banned again. Continue reading below to see my post-video analysis after you’ve watched it.

If David Hogg really is who he says he is, then I’m the biggest sucker on earth and I sincerely apologize. However, this does NOT look like the interview or the reaction of someone who just experienced the most devastating moment of his / her life.

Thank you for reading. Here are the links to the videos and articles referenced throughout the article. Please don’t forget to share this video on Facebook as my account will probably get banned but it will have been worth it if this opens anyone’s eyes to what is really going on here.

Well, what did you think? Comment you thoughts below. Here are mine:

Something does not add up. Why is he rehearsing his lines before finalizing the interview? I’ve been interviewed by the press before and this is never something I have experienced before. He is clearly reciting something that has been previously written and he is clearly getting help from the cameraman who, in my experience, is usually interested in using the first take because it is usually the juiciest and most honest take.

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