WATCH: Mother of Girl Killed by MS-13 Says ONE THING About Meeting Trump That DESTROYS Narrative



Evelyn Rodriguez, who lost her daughter Kayla Cuevas in a brutal murder carried out by the savages of the MS-13 gang in 2016, was one of President Donald Trump’s guests at his first State of the Union address this week. She was there to help share her story and highlight the need for more strict immigration laws.

Kayla Cuevas was just 13 years old when she was brutally stabbed to death by MS-13 gang members. Three of her killers were here illegally. So there’s no need to sit here and dispute the connection between MS-13 gang members and illegal immigration.

After returning to her home in Long Island, New York, Evelyn Rodriguez was nice enough to recount her experience with President Trump and First Lady Melania. Her experience was certainly different and more positive than any mainstream media outlet would have liked it to be, especially considering her family is from an ethnically diverse background.

“It’s just an experience that no words can explain. You just felt that what we are doing is being recognized, being heard,” she told CBS New York.



“He kissed me on my forehead which I was like, my god I am just a little pea in a pod, but he did acknowledge and I felt his connection that he felt my pain,” she added.

Some people even went so far as to say that Evelyn Rodriguez should not have accepted President Trump’s invitation to attend the State of the Union address because she is Hispanic, but she disagreed: “I did not feel that at all.”

Robert Mickens, who was also in attendance for the State of the Union, also lost his daughter Nisa Mickens to the brutally violent MS-13 gang. Mickens said, “Not too many people get a chance to meet a president. We are both in shock about it.”

Watch the video below to hear the full interview that is going viral: