WATCH: Citizen’s Arrest on Freeway After Illegal Immigrant Goes FLYING in Pickup Truck



If you’ve ever driven on the freeway in California, you know that Californians drive like no one else is on the road. They rip across the freeway, changing lanes like no one else is on the road. Well, one driver, Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas decided to drive drunk last week and while he was ripping across lanes in an effort not to miss his exit, he nearly flipped his car into oncoming traffic.

Dupree reported:

From the video Lewis had originally posted to Twitter, you can see Rodriguez-Rojas coming into contact with the barrier at the end of a two-way fork in the road. Afterward, you can Deandre Lewis himself, approaching Manuel’s SUV shouting, “Hey man, you done drivin’, get out the car!”

Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas was clearly inebriated and didn’t initially respond to Lewis’ demands, but additional good samaritans on the scene made sure Rodriguez-Rojas complied and exited his vehicle peacefully.



At first glance, this incident had the potential to be a lot worse than what occurred in the video. If this intoxicated driver’s vehicle would have traveled just fifteen more feet into oncoming traffic, we could have potentially witnessed multiple casualties from this man’s recklessness.