VIDEO: Mexico Stops Caravan Dead in Its Tracks After Receiving President Trump’s BRUTAL Message



President Donald Trump’s outbursts on Twitter are a “bad habit” that the president’s opponents love to hate. In reality, the only reason most people hate his tweets is because cutting out the mainstream media from his messaging using social media and going directly to his audience with his words and announcements largely resulted in his election victory in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Well, that and liberals generally being too lazy to go to the polls to vote.

Recently, President Trump’s tweets have been impacting the stock market tremendously. Facebook and Amazon have been tumbling in the wake of privacy concerns, tariffs on foreign trade, and increased taxes for online sales to help promote small and local business. Further, another one of President Trump’s tweets this week had a huge impact on illegal immigration.

Over the past week, a so-called “caravan” of Central American immigrants has been moving north through Mexico, headed en masse toward the U.S. border. The dense crowd of illegals has been receiving assistance from Mexican authorities as they move toward Texas to ultimately sneak across the border and enter our country illegally. Needless to say, the president had a few choice words for these brave yet foolish people (see full video below).

“The big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our ‘Weak Laws’ Border, had better be stopped before it gets there,” Trump scolded the Central American caravan on Twitter. He made similar demands on Sunday and Monday again.

President Trump also has discussed that deals benefitting Latin American countries could be up in the air if other nations do not take action to help stop the influx of illegal immigrants going through the Mexican border. This is based on data that shows other countries are using the Mexican border to smuggle people into the United States as well.



“Cash cow NAFTA is in play, as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen,” he warned. “Congress MUST ACT NOW!”

Believe it or not, people these foreign countries who are supporting illegal immigration may actually be listening to President Trump’s demands. According to The Washington Post, the Latin American country announced it will try to break up the “caravan” of immigrants and deport at least some of them before they reach the United States.

“The caravan, estimated at more than 1,000 migrants, many from Central America, has gained increasing visibility because of tweets by President Trump that have criticized Mexico for not doing more to stop the flow of migrants to the southern border of the United States,” the Post report read.

“An official from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration told BuzzFeed News that Mexico plans to disband the caravan by Wednesday and that some vulnerable people, such as pregnant women or those with disabilities, would receive humanitarian visas,” the newspaper added.

The remaining members will be expected to leave Mexico within 10 days or apply for permission to remain in Mexico for a month, according to The Washington Post.

NAFTA continues to be a huge part of the discussion amongst President Trump and his administration. Photos of migration from Central America, moving through Mexico and likely headed for the United States border without any defense from Mexican authorities, are finally surfacing and raising awareness to the American people about how much of a crisis this truly is. Now NAFTA has become part of a major negotiating tactic as well.

Mexico has its own presidential election coming up in July, so President Trump may have picked the perfect time to start really pressing this issue in an effort to finally garner the optimal results.