WATCH: Little Girl Gives Heartfelt Message To Heroic Disfigured Veteran



Simon Brown’s life as forever changed when he was hit in the face by a sniper bullet in 2006 while on a rescue mission during which he rescued six of his fellow soldiers. Brown is lucky to be alive today, but has since undergone over 25 surgeries to help reconstruct his cheek bone and nose. The brave veteran has lost much of his site and along with that, his confidence.

Meanwhile, a five-year-old girl named Temperance Pattinson, aka Tempy, grew up with a unique respect for soldiers and war heroes. She began volunteering to help veterans ever since the age of three and looked up to real-life soldiers while most of her peers were looking up to fictional comic book characters like Superman and Batman. Tempy even participated in triathlons for wounded veterans.

Help for Heroes, an amazing organization that provides support for individuals who sustained injuries, illnesses and wounds while serving in the British Armed Forces, decided to bring these two incredible people together. While Tempy always dreamt of getting to meet a real-life soldier, Simon was in desperate need of a friend to help boost his confidence.



As a part of its Facing it Together campaign, Help for Heroes decided to finally connect Simon and Tempy face-to-face for a heartwarming and emotional meeting. Simon wasn’t exactly sure how the little girl would react to his distorted face as he is well aware most adults are afraid of his appearance, let alone a child such as Tempy. But their interaction was more heartwarming than anyone could have ever imagined. It has amassed over one million views on Facebook since it was posted last week along with thousands of comments and interactions from fans.

Facing it Together: Si and Tempy

She’s just five (and a half!) but H4H supporter, Tempy Pattinson, has a clear idea about what makes a hero. War Veteran, Si Brown, who was shot in the face by an Iraqi sniper, has a different kind of heroism in mind.See the unique bond between supporters and beneficiaries that's at the heart of everything we do. We’re #FacingitTogether

Posted by Help for Heroes Official on Tuesday, August 29, 2017