Woman Loses Over 400 Pounds In One Year, Looks Like A Completely Different Person



It is no secret that many Americans struggle with their weight. The United States of America is currently the 17th most obese country in the world according to the global body mass index. Aside from the devastating effects obesity has on our overall health, not feeling good about yourself from a mental point of view can also cause you an immense amount of stress and unhappiness, which only leads to more unhealthiness and often times spiraling weight gains.

Amber’s battle with obesity became uncontrollable several years ago when she reached a weight of 660 pounds at the age of just 24 years old. Amber was an emotional eater by nature who was was enabled by both her parents and her boyfriend. She would consume meal after meal each day as a means of coping with the anxiety and stress of being so heavy that she almost felt trapped inside of her own unhealthy body and lifestyle.

Gaining this amount of weight took a major toll on both Amber’s mind and body. Her legs became severely swollen, which made it extremely difficult for her to walk even just around her own house. As a result, Amber sadly decided to drop out of college. At that point, the weight began to really pile up and Amber hit an all-time low. That’s when fate stepped in and saved her life…



According to Amber, her obsession with food reached a point where she no longer felt full. Even after consuming a sizable meal, she would still feel hungry for more. That’s when Amber knew that she could not continue to live this unhealthy lifestyle. It was at that moment that Amber decided to visit a gastric bypass surgeon to find out more about the potentially life changing surgery.

The doctor was quick to let her know that he was not willing to perform surgery until Amber proved that she could take the initiative to lose weight on her own. He told her to return to his offices once she had lost 22 pounds without his assistance. She was forced to unlearn all of her bad habits and change her ways for good if she wanted to live.

The results have been absolutely tremendous. She finally shed the necessary weight and was able to receive a much needed gastric bypass procedure. The pounds have started to melt away at an astonishing pace. She dropped 267 pounds in a year and while she has yet to reach her goal weight, she is well on her way. To learn more about her weight loss journey, be sure to check out this awesome video.

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